Finishing off a new commercial for the Russian network of tyre centres "NAKOLESAH.RU"

Shooting a commercial for the Russian based company «NAKOLESAH.RU» was held in rather extreme conditions throughout the four-day period...

Shooting a commercial for the Russian based company «NAKOLESAH.RU» was held in rather extreme conditions throughout the four-day period.

On our way to the location planned for the first two days of the shooting we were caught up in heavy rain. Because of that all cars excluding the pick-up truck had to be parked at the base in the Riscani village, and several crew members who had to check on the shooting location went to the peninsula of the Costesti dammed lake. The truck kept skidding off the washed out roads running through the rocks and cliffs.

Having finally managed to get to the location, still in the drench of a rain, we started to inspect the filming location when the lightning struck quite close to us. We had to admit that it was getting rather dangerous to stay outside so we decided to beat a hasty retreat and return to the base. Easier said than done though. There was a very dangerous and tricky bit of the road we had to drive on. It was dark outside. It rained heavily. And we could not see a thing on the road. The truck started to skid off and the driver almost lost control of the vehicle. It was only due to the instructions of our Romanian colleague Attila that we succeeded in stopping the car and getting it back on track. The following day, when we returned to the site we saw the tyre tread – the one left by our pick-up truck the night before. It stopped right next to the edge of the cliff over the lake.

We talked about the weather all night. It definitely was not what we had planned and needed for the shooting. The script was all about dry sand, dry unpaved road and lots of dust. Basically the weather was ruining all our plans. And that was not the first time actually – we had already changed the schedule once. Furthermore, the shooting had to fit the busy working schedule of our Romanian colleagues. And, in addition to all that we had to meet the requirements and terms set by the Road Police and the Border Control Service as the filming location was in the frontier area.

Luckily the weather changed in the morning – the sun was shining brightly. We enjoyed the sun for all 4 shooting days.

We worked from sunrise to sunset. On finishing the shooting we had a quick meal and did the planning for the following day – early start, breakfast and back to the location. Basically the crew members didn’t manage to have a single good night’s sleep; however, they pulled themselves together and were all ready to continue work as soon as they started shooting another scene.
We spent four days beneath the scorching sun. We drank dozens of litres of water daily. No-one had taken any sunscreen lotions - which was rather logical, as we had been planning to work rather than sunbathe. As a result all crew members got sunburnt.

Special thanks to our Romanian colleagues, whose assistance in shooting the commercial was great!

And here’s the commercial we made:

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