More freedom for documentary film-makers

Our studio has recently purchased two sets of Sennheiser EW112 G3 Wireless Bodypack Microphone System which will allow documentary interviewers, TV show hosts and guests to move about the shooting area freely.


Finishing off a new commercial for the Russian network of tyre centres "NAKOLESAH.RU"

Shooting a commercial for the Russian based company «NAKOLESAH.RU» was held in rather extreme conditions throughout the four-day period...


JIB ARM (a camera crane)

P&P Studio Rental House presents a new product – JIB ARM from the Japanese manufacturer Libec. It can be mounted on a common tripod (100mm) or a steady dolly. JIB ARM can be easily transported in the supplied carrying case in a boot of any saloon car.


A new set of two lights systems KINOFLO 4x4

P&P Studio Rental House now can hire a new set consisting of two light kits KINOFLO 4x4. Equipped with ballasts, a grip and a set of both Tungsten (3200K) and Daylight (5600K) lamps. More information on the new product is available here.


A new multi-format monitoring solution

On the RENTAL page you can find the information on the new professional multi-format HD/SD LCD 17” monitor with a vector-scope and a waveform.
It is an essential piece of filming equipment.


Our recording studio is now equipped with a new tube condenser recording microphone RODE K2 which was hailed the best recording device in 2004.

It delivers top sonic quality.

RODE K2 was designed to deliver the sonic quality close to the traditional recording microphones. Read more »


A far journey to China

Our colleague Oleg Dinga has been on a far journey to China. The video will be featured later. The photos are available now.


The lighting equipment range extended

We are happy to inform you that starting in January 2011 the range of lighting equipment will include a new kit – FILMGEAR HMI 1200. More details are available on the  RENTAL page [ »]